Purple Haze

Purple Haze Everett

We had quite the journey at Purple Haze, bringing recreational cannabis to the city of Everett. Initiative 502, which allows the legalization of cannabis products, came with new, demanding laws, that are still deliberated today.

It’s difficult opening a business that is so new and unfamiliar. Simply finding a location became exhausting in itself. We needed to be a specific amount of feet away from neighboring cannabis retail stores, have proper security protocols, and ensure our display sign is exponentially smaller than a Target or Wal-Mart sign. That was just a taste of our ambiguous requirements. All of these rules and regulations have hindered our progress to open doors sooner. But now we’re here and although state regulations will change, we will honor them to keep our doors open.

For now, it’s time to cater to our customers. Visit Purple Haze at http://purplehazellc.com/