Urban Bud

rainier recreational

Urban Bud is a recreational marijuana retailer, licensed by the Washington State Liquor Control Board to operate under the provisions of voter-approved Initiative-502. You’ll find top shelf dry flower, edibles, vape pens, oils and supplies, concentrates and more.

Urban Bud offers a clean, safe, beautiful and modern environment for customers. Smoking accessories, from rolling papers and glass pipes to futuristic, multi-chambered, honeycomb-
filtered contraptions that defy naming, line shelves in a plush waiting area. Rainier also offers a array of glass accessories blown in Oregon and Washington. No cheap Chinese glass. Ever. Thanks to a special relationship with legendary Mary Jane’s, Urban Bud is able to offer world-class, locally-made smoking accessories at mind-blowing prices.

Our staff, meanwhile, is expertly trained, which means they can tell you all kinds of interesting ways to enjoy cannabis safely, pleasantly, and tailored to your particular tastes.

Urban Bud also enjoys peerless security services provided by Apache 6, which is on hand at all times to ensure a safe experience for customers.